Tracking App

Use ORGSU Tracking App to get Cheap Race Tracking. All athletes and/or teams become visible on Google maps, on your website. First of all athletes and/or teams must download the ORGSU Tracking App onto their cellphones before the race. Event organizer must supply athletes with the login credentials (Race ID, BIB and Private Key). The app after its login will start to send the location data in a defined time interval. It may be for example 1 minute. Athletes usually store the cellphones in a waterproof box in the backpack during the race. A full battery usually keeps the phone alive up to 8 hours.

Cheap Race Tracking

This cellphone solution is literally hundreds of times cheaper in contrast to a commercial solution using, for example, GPS SPOT devices. An average ultra race lasting one day takes very low cell data. An expense of this data is usually paid by athletes without any complaints. For ORGSU’s Tracking App you don’t need any additional license because it is fully covered with ORGSU’s timing license.

Live Tracking Applet

ORGSU offers simple tracking solution for your website. On the page GPS tracking, you may find a live test of the tracking applet even with the Replay feature.