ORGSU is full scaled timer software.

The Timer Software module performs a cheap Timer App Timing and Chip Tag RFID Timing as well. It is suitable for both established and start-up timing companies.

Whether you are a blue chip company timing multiple times a year or an individual helping a friend, ORGSU is the perfect product for your needs. You have the option to make timing for clients via smart phone or tablet either Android or IOS Timer App or connect your favorite RFID technology. Different data feeds can be combined online as needed.Timer Software in ORGSU uses several data feeds simultaneously from RFID Timing and Timer App

ORGSU timer software settings

  • Setting of the BIBs intervals for gender, start waves or divisions
  • Automatic BIBs generation using various sorting criterions
  • Self athlete checking by online registration App to minimise the queues on the venue registration counters
  • Information page by entering either BIB or Tag to check the personal data by athlete
  • Event Registration features gathering the USB camera photo, personal data and payment
  • Several start waves of one race can be entered
  • Races and waves can cross each other. the Check Points can be assigned to the tracks as needed
  • Any timing technology may be installed on every CP: hand written BIBs and times, the timekeeper with the cell phone Timer App, RFID timing system or GPS tracking calculating the CPs times automatically
  • Strong technical times editing by ORGSU timer software. Athlete’s statuses like DNF, DSQ, LAP, … available
  • The live results feature can be installed on any website.

Timer App and RFID Timing work simultaneously

  • The lap race (for example the cyclo-cross) will be supported by a special live broadcast page
  • Timer App timing is very cheap suitable mainly for ultra races, water and mountain terrain. This is the best way for all adventure races in the remote areas.
  • RFID timing is ready to work with the IMPINJ technology now. Ask us for the settings please. We are looking for new partners – manufacturers to affiliate with for the RFID timing.
  • Email marketing feature is ready to send diplomas after the race.
  • For the long races (lasting up to 10 days) the tracking may be used. Athletes must wear the GPS SPOT device or Orgsu Tracking App

So the list of participants of a race, online results and/or the tacking map are displayed on all websites approved by an event organiser shortly before and during the event. The ORGSU timer software supports both official and unofficial results, which may be used for series evaluation purposes. all the printouts are customised with the sponsors logos, the coulmns headings etc.

TEST the Timer APP Timing now

Find the page where all instructions are.  Just use the Timer App to start and  test the lap timing system with of that example race in there. You will find out how the live timing results page looks like.

THE Global RFID Manufacturer Partnership

The API of the ORGSU technolgy has been already matched with the Impinj technology API. Are you a RFID manufacturer? Get in touch with us today pleae. We will learn the ORGSU timer software to configure your RFID reader(s).  Finally we can spread our services and find new clients for you.


ORGSU may export the list of entries to .XML or .XLS format.

Do you like to try the ORGSU Timer software features? Contact us and/or register your company HERE.

To get all the event features you will need either activate also the event promoter profile or close a race business deal with another orgsu user. Check the handbook inside the profile please.  If you just wish to view inside of the admin profile use the URL with the login name and the password Test123. It allows you to view and test an administrative backend without restrictions including the timing features.