Timekeeping App

A using of ORGSU Timekeeping App for the timing of your race is very effective.  This cellphone timing is great and cheap method especially for long/ultra races with several split times like for example swim-run is.

Just ask several volunteers before your event and ask them to download the App. The credentials Event ID and Private Code serves to synchronize App with the ORGSU core system.

Finally, each timekeeper waits on a specified timing checkpoint for athletes and/or teams. When he/she see an athlete the BIB number is to be entered to App. The accuracy is in one second and good enough for most of the events.

Cellphone Timing

Timekeeper App by ORGSU timing technology

This method of timekeeping is very cheap and effective. There is no need to be a data coverage along the track during your timing. Smartphones, tablets can store the data while the data signal is weak or missing.

Read more about the timing here.

Test free your Timekeeping app now.

Next paragraph is a real functioning block of one ORGSU Software feature how it can work on your website. As it is a public service it may not be ready for timing hence someone else did the free test before you. Write to us in case the results are published here instead of the start list.

Free Test of Cellphone Timing

First of all download your ORGSU Timekeeper App. Log on the app with the  Private Key 23.45.67 and Security Key 98.90.972. Check box below now, please. If there is a start list all is ready for a start of this example race. If there are any data just contact us to clear it for you. Choose the STARTING on your Timekeeper App, select KIDS Run to start the race. Within 1 minute the box below gets a chance to live results one. Go to the main menu of your Timekeeper App and choose TIMING. Select the first checkpoint and enter all start numbers from the list of participants (34, 56, etc) each BIB by after one. Enter the BIB and press TIME for each competitor. Check the box below all the time. You will see your timing performance live. Finally go back to the TIMING menu and choose the finish line. Enter the BIBs as they might arrive at the finish line. After your timing attempt, contact us to delete your trial, please.

Real ORGSU Live Results Feature