Help Me Organize My Race

We are here when you are typing ‘Help Me Organize my Race’ or your sports event. We will assist you even when your question in ‘How to Register Athletes to my race and/or How Time My Race. Organizer’s Support Ltd is a company specializing in supporting sports event organizers.

How to Register Athletes?

There are a lot of registration portals on the internet. There is only one, ORGSU registration technology, which doesn’t steal your athletes to another website. We are giving you a tool to keep your athletes on your website and to do your business yourself. To get a higher internet attendance and/or to sell it to your sponsor. That is what ORGSU is about.

How to Time My Race?

You may buy expensive technology and pay for expensive courses on how to use it. Or you may register with ORGSU and get the most important for free: the event settings and the checkpoints assignment. A next step is to make your timing with the ORGSU Timekeeping App for free. Finally you can buy a RFID technology and make your chip/tag timing. That is our recommended step by step process of how to excel in your timing business.

Endless Queue of Questions

Did you mean Help Me Organize Race? ORGSU is here for you.

Can I join ORGSU team?

How to inform my athletes about an incoming event?

Can I earn money above my database of athletes?

Who will help me with age groups settings?

… any question you might get just write to us. Organizer’s Support Ltd is here for you.