Partnership and Team Work

ORGSU technology covers most of the business tasks related to the sports event productions. Even the software covers a lot, there are many tasks solved by some partners. Yes ORGSU philosophy cornerstone is to enable the cooperation between our clients and selected partners. Each partner does the best to support the final product: A coherent and effective set of services for athletes and/or teams. Following themes reveal the fields of these partnerships available for you by ORGSU Application Program Interface (API): Chip Timing Open API, SPOT Feed API, Payment Gateway APIs, and Sports Insurance API are the most important ones.

Chip Timing Open API

ORGSU offers open API for the gathering of the technical times and BIB/Chip numbers. You can build your own communication between your own RFID Technology and ORGSU core database. Write us to get API description today.

Instead of this opportunity, we have chosen the IMPINJ manufacturer to be one of the recommended ones. When you will purchase the IMPINJ RFID reader you will be able to configure this device just from the inside of ORGSU administration. It means to assign the specific device to the given timing checkpoint and to receive data (Technical Times and Tag Numbers).


For a live tracking of your long individual and/or team race, you may use the SPOT VSAT GPS Technology. You just need to rent and/or to buy the devices and assign them to the selected athletes or teams. This assignment works similarly like the Tag assignment. Then ORGSU technology will communicate with Findmespot technology and the location of your athletes or teams will be displayed in the map on your website.

Payment Gateway APIs

We are opening you an opportunity of your own payment gateway what will rise up the value of your business. Perhaps the most known PayPal is ready for you and very easy to install. Both great payments solutions Amazon Pay and Stripe are coming very soon for you. ORGSU also integrates the Global Payments API to gather your money directly into a bank account. Due to a specifics in South Africa, there is PayGate South African Gateway ready for you as well.

BIBs and T-shirts

ORGSU can call the API of the BIBs, T-shirts and other possible manufacture. We do not have this cooperation in progress yet.

Sports Insurance API

There is a nice opportunity for all players to cooperate. Athletes are willing to order insurance during the sign-up process. It may be additional sports insurance or insurance to get back an entry fee when a cancellation occurs. We are ready to enable collaboration with the Insurance easily.

Other External Services for you

Finally, there are cooperations with Google Maps, Google+ login and Facebook login service for athletes. Other technological services are getting currency exchange rates and time synchronization needed for the timing integrated feature. Ask us for the details, please.