How to upgrade my website

ORGSU offers 20 applets (function blocks) ready for your website. When a race director asks ‘how to supercharge event site’ or ‘how to upgrade my website’ with race calendar and online registrations we have a simple answer. All is easy with ORGSU today. First of all, you need

  • FTP access to your website. Then you can do it yourself or ask us to help you with this matter
  • A webmaster

Inside an ORGSU administration menu find the menu button Company – Upgrading of your website and choose one of the following options:

Supercharge event website

There is a list of features available for configuration and uploading to your pages. The most important ones are Athlete Login and Profile, General E-shop, Live Results, GPS Live Tracking, Photogallery, Venue Information Page to display athlete by his Tag or BIB, Loyalty Athlete Points giving the rank of the most active page users, Race Applet, Race Calendar for one or more events, Race Entry form to serve the page with the online registration feature. Team Introduction and Team Profile are following as well. and the applet of the race results brings a database view to the race results.

Series owner has some more applets like series calendar and series ranking.

Race Calendar Example

Let us get a race calendar applet example now. There is an example event after the free ORGSU registration trial. Try admin login with user name with Test123 password and go to the menu Event – Event Applet. You will find a table with the applet of the race calendar related to the example event. Click on ‘Race Calendar Example’ one and find its details. As this is a public trial all you may change inside will appear in the following applet:

On the page bottom, you can find the data

Find the code here:
<div data-orgsu="cbd024afdfee4df19ca82ed503e7e972"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can try to put this code to any of your websites. Or to your sponsor website. It will bring the following box of given event calendar. Furthermore one can even try an online entry feature here. This trial answers ‘how to upgrade my website’ question in real:

Your CSS styles

Some applets allow the link to your CSS style in the applet settings.  Several of them like live results do not have these options due to some technical reasons. If your applet performance is not optimal (The BIB, Gender, Division boxes do not go next to each other on one line for example) a small change might help in your theme settings. Find ‘Custom CSS’ or ‘Aditional CSS’ or anything that sounds like that.  Then, take the following code and paste it in.