The ORGSU Database Software Building Kit offers the services for any Sports Event Promoter and boosts ïts website(s).  For the reason that the Online Registration service will appear on the event or event sponsor website(s) easily now. It creates and manages your new Athletes Database. Finally an e-mail marketing / mailing tool can be used in a combination with your own E-shop. Even more all the payments will be gathered via the PayPal, Amazon on Strip payment gateway. ORGSU also brings athletes’ logins and athlete profile to  the sports event promoter site.

Based on 30 years of experiences it is here for you now. 

Sports Event Promoter

Both established business and/or new potential sports event promoter / race director are welcome. ORGSU will support all your promoter work. Noteworthy ORGSU guarantees less expenses and brings new revenue. All in one. ORGSU can supercharge your existing website with all information and database services related to your sports events.  Just to be clear: ORGSU company does not operate any central athletes portal in contrast to most of the other technologies. All we do is the support of Sports Event Promoters, Race Timers, Series Owners and Sports Digital Magazines.


Athlete ProfileSports Event Promoter Online Registration Athletes Database Own E-shop

All athletes can easily log in (incl. Facebook and Google+) to the event organiser’s  website supported with the new athletes database. An athlete creates and access his/her athlete profile. It is filled with the race entries, previous results, e-shop orders and many other functions obviously.

Race Calendar

One or more another events may be easily added and displayed via the race calendar on the sports event promoter, event or even the sponsor website(s). The Race Calendar likewise integrates many features as the race details, online entry form, results, GPS tracking.

Online Registration

Consequently one of the core features is the online registration. ORGSU brings the registration form to any website sport event promoter may need. That might be either the event website, sports promoter website or even race sponsor website. It is easy to sell to the sponsor new internet traffic hence the online registration will be placed on its website. The online registration feature has all what can be expected and needed. More details are published in The Athlete Manual.

Athletes Database 

Online registration, venue registrations and old athletes database import certainly create your new Athletes Database. It finally serves to all the sports event promoter crew administration features. Most noteworthy this is used for am e-mail marketing feature and e-shop. Often loss of sports event promoters is probably when they are redirecting athletes away from their website(s) to the third parts registration portal(s). Hence they are loosing the power of the updated athletes database and their internet traffic falls down. Finally the marketing potential of the website drops down to the bottom.

Own E-shop

A sports event promoter may offer almost all the services and goods directly to the internet visitors now. It is also possible to assign the services and goods to one or more races. Furthermore, athletes may become the real traders. It means even athlete from your athletes database may offer his/her services. An example is to be a host who offers an accommodation to another athletes. Also he/she can offer the regular goods (for example an old bike). The athlete to athlete trading feature certainly brings a new revenue and profit to the sport event promoter easily now.

Other Sport Event Promoter Features

An Event and its races database and the publishing of it never been so easy. E-shop configuration and the payment gateways settings consequently wait for you.  ORGSU offers the connection to the payment services of perhaps the best payment gateways in the world: Stripe, Amazon and PayPal. You can export the data of your entrants for an independent race timer. Or your own timing using the ORGSU Timing App or chip timing is ready for you.  The settings of the timing and tracking of the races is easy. You can configure your Impinj RFID Reader and provide your own timing.  One race may last several days and consist of several sport disciplines.  Disciplines may have different connections (the triathlon transitions, stage race, …). The tracking can be provided using the SPOT GPS devices. Even more cheaper solution is using of the cell phones running the ORGSU Tracking App.

Provide a registration of your company and learn its administrative back-end. All functions are available without licence purchasing. Please check your handbook for more details.

In the near future, all event-related functions are available: materials, locations, workers, volunteers, App production, supply database, bidding, and much more. Only ORGSU integrates all these features into one package.


 Athletes get the profiles with all the services:

  • Life goals and the sport goals
  • A Life Style Calculator. An original feature, brought to you by ORGSU
  • Online Registration. Bulk Entries. Early Bird Period. Discount Codes. Cancellation of Entry. Charity Adds. Waiting Lists. Direct Entry to  Sold-out Race for VIPs
  • Individual and Team Entry Feature
  • Merchant profile.  An athlete can offer his/her services and goods to the sports event promoter e-shop
  • Start list of the race participants. This feature earns 25% more internet traffic of new visitors to your website
  • Live results and live tracking
  • The training calendar, coach-athlete features and the catalogue of sport elements is coming soon

Read more about the happy and returning athletes to your website here.


Above all, our goal is simple. We are boosting your website, working behind the scene. Due to the ORGSU features your site attracts a growing number of athletes. Furthermore you can collaborate with all other types of companies as they are mentioned on the ORGSU site: Sports News Comp and/or Series Owner and/or Timing Company.

So the race director registration waits for you HERE.

Even more we are offering free assistance for the first event.

Insight to the ORGSU Admin

Try admin features for free now. Log on using the with the user name and the password Test123. The password is case sensitive.  It allows you to view and test ORGSU administrative back end without restrictions.