is a fast-growing multi-sport challenge. Due to its hard terrain, timing becomes tricky unless using ORGSU. ORGSU’s mobile timing and online tracking easily overcome this obstacle due to its portability. It originated in Sweden and was brought to the world with a unique history.

Setting up your Swim Run

First of all, you need to set up your event with an internal wizard that guides you through it. You can enter different distances for genders and mixed teams. Furthermore, you may upload the maps of all the tracks and set up the timing checkpoints so it will be ready for your online mobile timing.

Athletes on the move being timed by your ORGSU mobile timing during the swim run.

Since 2018 Czech National Swimrun tour has been using ORGSU technology for online team registration and live mobile timing.

Inexpensive Mobile Timing

ORGSU’s inexpensive mobile timing allows our noteworthy clients to time at several checkpoints in the swim run transitions. Above all live results will broadcast live on your website and/or on your sponsor’s site.

Register Now

Do not hesitate to ask us for free assistance with your swim run today. Do your event organizer registration and launch your event. Even more, you may test ORGSU for free including BIBs assignment and timing. Finally, you can delete all test timing data and prepare your crew for race day. Help for your registration is here.