The support for Ultra Event – Endurance Adventure – Expedition – Team Race is slightly different from a normal individual race. ORGSU has been developed with the focus to the ultra individual and/or team race as for example Expedition Africa is.

Team Online Registration

First of all the team registration allows entering the team title, team introduction, team photo, representing their country and of course athletes.

The feature we are looking for a missing team member can be activated by the team founder on the live start list. The JOIN THE TEAM button will appear in the team row.  

By clicking onto the team title, the team introduction will appear. An owner of the team may edit the team credentials and add/change the team members at any time. The same feature gets an event organizer.


The Stages?

Most of the time the team race consists of the stages. ORGSU allows to enter several stages and each can accommodate several timing checkpoints.

Live Results

ORGSU technology is very useful for ultra races timing and tracking. The live timing output allows two different modes of the data. The first shows the clear times between the checkpoints:

Spectators may change the output when the times are to be displayed at the times from the start of the race:

As you can see ORGSU allows do not display seconds for the long races and easily shows the days. The best teams of this team adventure race have been on the track for more than 4 days.

The Tracking

The cellphone with the tracker app (and the SPOT devices) may be used as a race tracker.

The advantages of live tracking for long adventure expedition events are clear. ORGSU gives you the ability for cheap tracking by smartphones where the data coverage is even pure and/or precise and more expensive solution with SPOT devices. Both may be combined in one event.

You can create your own applet displaying the teams’ movement on the map in real time.  Finally, the replay feature will reveal the race development whenever after the team race. To check out how the race has been developed.

There is a real tracking applet of the 2017’s Otter Trail Run. When it appears, you can select ‘Replay’ and set the Location to 50% and the speed to 400 x do not waste your time to check it out. The start numbers 44 and 192 have the location data even in the data non-covered area: