ORGSU Concept

ORGSU founder Jaromir Horak is running along the South African beach and wondering about new Sports ERP Software.

Are you a person looking for better management of your event? Are you looking for Sports ERP Software? There is a concept of how you can certainly deliver complex and top-quality services to your crew and your most noteworthy athletes. Use ORGSU Sports ERP Software!

ORGSU Sports ERP Software isn’t an average software. It’s The Art that enables one to deliver the top quality events.

Present Situation

Athletes these days are usually paying high entry fees and have trouble finding the online services on the event organizer’s site, spending hours on the Internet.

ORGSU is the Solution

We have transformed our 30 years of worldwide experience in the fields of Sports Events, Information Technologies and Project Management into ORGSU. And it is ready for you to be used today. Your athletes will become happy which is – we believe – our common goal.

Our Clients

From elementary schools to renowned Event Management Agencies that organize international events. Every one of those can now take advantages of integrated Sports ERP Software. Spanning the whole range of crucial services. Therefore there is no need for employing a number of companies to do specific jobs like online registrations and email marketing.

In Conclusion

Our company Organizer’s Support Ltd hence invests and develops the Orgsu system. New partners and investors are welcome as well. Furthermore, we are listening to you and integrating your needs and innovations. While you are organizing your sports events at your best.

Thank you for all the questions and suggestions we are receiving from you.  We do our best to fulfill and answer them all.

Jaromir Horak, Project Founder