Every sport racing event producer can boost its website with ORGSU features now. Athletes are getting athlete profile on the event site.

Every sport racing event producer can boost its website with ORGSU features now.

The ORGSU Building Kit offers components for upgrading of the Racing Event Producer’s website. It gives strong administrative tool to manage all your events and its races. And also it brings athletes’ logins and athlete profile to every event site.  Based on 30 years of experiences it is now here for you. ORGSU moves the event website to the top just today. The LIfe Style Calculator, Life and Sport Goals are some of the unique features for your athletes, not just only registration.


Using your existing website, ORGSU can supercharge it with information and services about your sports racing event / events.  The most important features for athletes are:

Athlete Profile

All athletes can easily log in (incl. Facebook and Google+) to the event organiser’s new database. An athlete create and access athlete profile, together with race entries, results, eshop orders and many other functions.

Racing Event Calendar

One or more events may be easily added and displayed via the race calendar on the sport racing event website. It integrates may features as Race details, entry form, eshop related to the race, payment to your PayPal or bank account, live results, live GPS tracking and much more. ORGSU does not operate any central athletes portal.

Eshop: The event organiser may offer his/her services and goods directly to internet visitors now. It is also possible to assign services and goods to one or more races.

Some Event Producer admin features:

Event and its races database and publishing, eshop configuration and payment methods entering, event entry fee management, export of data for timing company or preparation of its own timing using the ORGSU Timing App. The settings of the timing and tracking of the races. One race may last several days and consist of several sport disciplines with different connections (transitions like in the triathon, stage race, …). The tracking can be provided using the SPOT GPS devices or more cheaper with the cell phones using the ORGSU Tracking App.

There are much more services, as you will find out after the registration of your admin account of the event producer. Provide registration of your company and learn its administrative back-end. All functions are available without licence purchasing for up to 2 events and 5 races. Please check your handbook for more details.

In the near future, all event-related functions are available: materials, locations, workers, volunteers, App production, supply database, bidding, and much more. Only ORGSU integrates all these features into one package.


 Athlete has his/her athlete profile with easy access to all the information:

  • Personal information, life goals and the sport goals
  • Life Style Calculator – original feature, brought to you by ORGSU
  • Online Entry. Bulk Entries. Early Bird Period. Discount Codes. Cancellation of Entry. Charity Adds. Waiting Lists. Direct Entry to sold-out Race.
  • Individual and team entry.
  • Entry fee (and other orders) on line payment to the organizers PayPal or bank account
  • Merchant profile – each athlete can offer his/her services and goods to the event producer’s eshop
  • Start lists of the race participants. This feature earns 25% more time and new visitors to your website.
  • Live results, live tracking and final results.
  • Both the training calendar, coach-athlete features and the catalogue of sport elements is coming soon.


Our goal is simple: boost your website, work in the background, keep your original site design and functionality and attract a growing number of athletes to your events. You can collaborate with all other types of companies as they are mentioned on this site: Sports News Comp and/or Series Owner and/or Timing Company.



We are offering you the assistance for the first event for free.

Or try free login using https://tech.orgsu.org/Web/Account/Login with the name Test.Login@orgsu.org and the password Test123. It allows you to view and test an administrative back end without restrictions.