A running series can integrate events from around the world.

A running series can integrate events from around the world. ORGSU operates it for you.

Are you owner of Running Series? Or other sport series? Do you integrate several races? Do you like current Series ranking for both age groups and overall on your website?

Get supercharged by the ORGSU technology what will boost your series site(s) today. It provides your cooperation with the single events producers and gives you the series ranking onto your website. And many other features. Operating of your Running Series (and/or other sport series) was never easier!

RACES SERIES of Running, Triathlon, Aquathlon, SwimRun, Kayak, ….


ORGSU helps you to publish series parameters, establishes relationships with race producers and provides information services to athletes, supporters and spectators – all from your website.

  • Set the number of races for athlete series ranking
  • Specify the number of individual best results for the series ranking
  • Specify age group categories for male and female athletes
  • Athletes earn points via your series both overall and in division

Series Owner gets the same features as it was described in the page of Sport News Portal. It means you will get online entries to all races, participating on event eshop purchases, direct collection of the payment to PayPal or your bank account. And much more. Your athletes will get their login and profiles on your websites. You even can offer some services to your sponsor if needed.

EASY INTEGRATION of the Running Series to your site

ORGSU blends naturally into your existing site. There are simple html code lines needed to be added to your site. You can use CSS styles to format it all. Our goal is to support your business and keep visitors coming to your site. We do not provide any central portal. We appreciate your interest and believe that we can provide the best information services to your admins, business partners (event producers), to your athletes. Running Series Ranking will be up to date after each new event.


No payment is needed to view and test the admin back end.