How to improve Sports Goods Marketing?

Are you a manufacturer, distributor or seller of sports goods? Then this page is just right for you. Furthermore, are you a sponsor of a sports event or a sponsor of a series of races? Are you investing in a race or in a race series, and are you trying to improve your sports goods marketing? Then we have an offer for you. ORGSU software brings you a chance to mine the maximum out of your sponsorship.

The Present SituationManufacturer distributor seller of the sports goods

The headquarters of your company, mainly your marketing department is under serious pressure from many sports events and series. They offer different marketing services and some of them work. They ask for money or goods. You have chosen to sponsor some of these events. And you are negotiating where to place your logo to the finish gate or dealing with the exclusivity of your product on the venue.

Get new visitors to the sports goods website

Let all the racers/athletes, families, fellows and other spectators visit your website. Every event organizer or series owner has a choice. Usually, he/she has a contract with a third party website to run athlete registration, the start list publishing, and results publishing. All these services have amazing marketing power. And not only during the event days.

Grab the marketing power

A) The best time is several months prior to the event. An athlete holds his credit/debit card buying his/her entries and perhaps willing to spend some more money in your e-shop on the same site. Yes, ORGSU technology brings all registrant exclusively to your site.
B) During the time prior the event athletes are visiting repeatedly the website to check the start list of the participants. Who is new on the start list. Not only athletes but also their family members, sport club fellows, and others will come to you. Based on our statistics, about 25% of new traffic is made by the checking of the start lists.

C) The traffic during the event will be enhanced by the online results broadcast and the live map tracking in case of a long race event.

Based on our measurements, a race of the size of 500 athletes will generate about 200 hours of about 1000 new site visitors spending their time on the related website(s).

How to increase your internet traffic?

All services related to the event may work on a selected website(s). That depends on the negotiation with your event organizer or series owner (what services will stay on the event website and what services will perform on your sponsor’s website). Your sponsored races will bring new attendants to your website and then it is your turn to keep them on with your regular business.

Some other details are mentioned on the page ‘corporate marketing‘.
Get in touch with us so you can start a negotiation with your event organizer or series owner today.