First of all  the ORGSU boosts the event website with an athlete profile. Both the Facebook and/or Google+ login feature works here.  Also you may find all services for happy athlete in The Athlete’s Handbook.

Athlete profile

The entire login and athlete profile services will appear due to 2 rows of the ORGSU code. It is very simple to implement 2 html code lines into the website. The race director may easily get this code and forward it to his webmaster.

Transparent and low processing fee make happy athlete

The race director may decide whether or not to publish the processing fees.

Happy athlete deserves the features of the athlete profile

He can even include the processing fee to the entry fee. Therefore it reduces the processing fees to 0%. Even for small event promoters the total processing fee will be less than 8%. There are two part of it: The standard Orgsu technology processing fee is most noteworthy 4%.  Usual payment gateway processing fee (For example PayPal) is about 3%.

Personal and Sport Goals

Happy athlete may set himself personal and sport goals inside the athlete profile.  The ORGSU event managemnt software will evaluate the sport racing goals fulfillment after each race.

Happy Athlete to Athlete Trading

Even more every user can trade in the event promoter’s e-shop. So they are bringing revenue and profit to themselves and to the event promoter. In few simple steps, happy athlete can sell his old bike or offer accommodation to other athletes related to upcoming event.

Race Applications and Results

Also athlete can find all future race applications and past results inside the profile. The ORGSU event software technology allows race director to enable entry cancellation feature. Happy athlete may cancel an application and get payment back therefore. Athlete has few options how to collect entry fee  back. It may be to a credit card or a PayPal account. All is inside the athlete profile in contrast to many other registration services.

ORGSU technology follows the principles published in the Code of Conduct for Athletes’ Rights in Sport Event Registrations and Results.