Race Entry Fees Payment

There are in principle 2 basic solutions for your race entry fees gathering. Most of the times the event companies are hiring a third party registration portal to gather their money. This is simple but an expensive way.

Are you ready to be more responsible and to value more your event business? You may choose money self-gathering by your own payment gateway like PayPal, Amazon or Stripe are.

Money Self Gathering

ORGSU give you simple opportunity to evidence your payments manually. You may get your payments in cash, check or by a bank wire transfer. All the payment statuses can be manually managed. This is the old fashion but still the cheapest way ho to manage your payments.

Well, there are several inbuilt possibilities to chose from. the philosophy is simple: Our clients are getting the technology ORGSU what enables the electronic way to get and manage your payments. Organizer’s Support Ltd does not operate the payments for you. We do not keep the athletes’ credit cards numbers. We are just serving you with the supporting software tool.

Own Payment Gateway

Your own payment gateway¬†rises up the value of your business. Perhaps the most known PayPal is ready for you and very easy to install. Both great payments solutions Amazon Pay and Stripe are coming very soon for you. ORGSU also integrates the Global Payments API to gather your money directly into your bank account. Due to a specifics in South Africa, there is¬†PayGate South African Gateway ready for you as well.

Processing Fees

Each payment gateway asks for some payments from you. The cost rate varies in between 2-4 % depending on your deal with the gateway provider. They do not charge your athletes so you should be aware of how to get and pay your payment processing fees. ORGSU allows you to decide and enter the processing fee rate different for entry fee and e-shop goods and services. Finally, you are allowed to decide whether or not to add the processing fee description to the shopping cart and to the invoice:

The Processing Fee management for Race Entry Fee and Payments inside ORGSU Administration

That is just a part of the configuration page of ORGSU integrated e-shop.