ORGSU Pricing

ORGSU Software includes an Affordable Registration System with the Lowest Athlete Processing Fee on the market.

After your company profile registration, the system works with some limitations. The license semaphore on the right upper corner is red. You must buy a license in the license e-shop. A user can choose a license what fits the best for his/her conditions. ORGSU Licence Policy says the license holds public both the fixed price and the rate of processing fee.

ORGSU System Licence guarantees the lowest athlete processing fee on the market.

License Fixed Price

It varies in accordance with the currency and country. Usually, there is a license issued for a small organizer with the lower fixed price (under USD 100) and for an ordinary event organizer with the higher fixed price (in between USD 200-300).

Operating Fee

It reflects the usage of the system. It is to be calculated and invoiced backward. The percentage rate of operating fee is 2% for schools, 4% for ordinary event organizer and 6% for a small event company having a low license fixed price. ORGSU helps any size of the business so the % rate approach works great for both small and also for large firms.

A % rate will apply from all entries purchased and confirmed as well as from other e-shop shopping.

What when Entry Fee = 0?

For the sake of processing fee calculation, there is the lowest acceptable entry fee price in the system configuration. It differs from the currency. This value is USD 5 (or equivalent). Read more in the License Policy.

Ask for an exception or a discount for charity, training and other nonprofit purposes.

Affordable Registration System

Using ORGSU our clients get Affordable Registration System what makes processing fee affordable for your athletes. There are 2 parts of the processing fee: ORGSU license price (for example 4%) and plus the payment gateway rate (For example PayPal 3%) what makes 7% in total.

You can publish any part of the processing fee rate and reveal it to athletes. Therefore your processing fee increases entry fees publicly. Learn more on the page dealing with the online registration service.

Lowest Athlete Processing Fee

We do not know the technology on the world offering the online registration features on the event website(s) in ORGSU rates. Should you find that ORGSU does not operate Lowest Athlete Processing Fee? Let us know and we will change this paragraph. Find here more information about ORGSU multi-currency configuration here.

Timing Licence

When you are using ORGSU for timing, check the page with the timing pricing, please.