Every new country is a challenge

ORGSU Call for Sports Event Software Country Manager

While our common thread is sport, new countries mean different customs, cultures, languages and rules.

Therefore, we need event software country managers. Their job is to help and support event organizers, series owners, sport magazines and timing companies.

Any recent or current athletes, managers, coaches, or established volunteers in the field of endurance sports are welcome to apply!

Event Software Country Manager We Are Looking For

Are you sure you want to provide help and support to local companies? Firstly, get a hands-on experience with the ORGSU event management software. It will give you a taste of what a powerful tool it is.

Keep in mind that almost every race director, school sports teacher, sport club, event promoter, sport series owner, timing company and sport magazine company is a potential client. As you are a native resident of your country, it will be easy to find them and engage with them. Once you have found them, we will give you an affordable licence price for your first client. Furthermore, you will have access to our free support.

Anything where you measure time offers a possible implementation of ORGSU:

  • adventure racing events,
  • couples adventure races,
  • team races,
  • adventure competition,
  • mountain bike adventure race,
  • 12 hour adventure race,
  • adventure race series,
  • extreme races,
  • adventure running races,
  • and obviously swimming, running, paddling, cycling, cross-country skiing, triathlon and many other sports are supported.

As ORGSU event software country manager,

you are serious, responsible and strong, you are the human equivalent of the ORGSU event software technology. You’ll get 30% commission from all new clients you bring into the ORGSU community for 3 years. And finally, you will be responsible for setting the licence price in your country for each company profile.

We look for self-confidence and business sense, exemplary conduct and an ability to engage with all future and present clients and business agents.

However, don’t forget that previous experience with the ORGSU event software is compulsory. Create your small event first, test it out and then email us if you are interested.

Email us your CV and application today at