country managerEvery new country is a challenge for business: different customs, cultures, languages and rules. But our common thread is sport – and we need country managers to help sport event producers. Please apply here to become an ORGSU country manager.


Looking for a challenge, career change or more experience in your field? All recent or current athletes, managers, coaches, or established volunteers in the field of endurance sport are welcome to apply!


A native and resident of your country, you thrive as an international crew member and want to provide help and support to local event and series promoters.

The ORGSU system supports all sports events where individual’s times are measured. This includes swimming, running, paddling, cycling, cross-country skiing, triathlon and many other sports.

As a country manager, you are serious, responsible and strong – the ideal representative of the ORGSU system.

We look for self-confidence and business sense, exemplary conduct and an ability to engage with all clients and business agents.

We welcome applications for the position of ORGSU Country Manager. Previous experience with the ORGSU system is compulsory.


  • Responsible for business development and fulfilling customer needs. Lead and support business meetings with valuable clients, such as national sports federations, worldwide series organizers, regional or state sports departments or similar
  • Liaise with head offices in South Africa, Spain and the Czech Republic
  • Determine licence prices and other ORGSU business parameters
  • The incumbent has final decision-making power to determine price settings within a given ORGSU price boundary. Keep up-to-date with language localisation, as there are fine nuances in sport terminology across the globe. Clients want to speak, read and converse in their own language – and we make sure that they can
  • Responsible for an ORGSU branch.

ORGSU provides the country manager with all relevant information detailing responsibilities outlined above. All responsibilities will be utilised as the product grows and improves.

The country manager is ORGSU’s official representative in order to assist clients with any problems or concerns.


A contract will be drawn up between each country manager and ORGSU Ltd. The monthly salary and business bonus will be agreed on within this contract. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please apply for this position as a member of our international team by emailing: