Miras BeachAre you an Event producer and/or aiming to produce your first event?

There is a concept of how you can deliver complex and top-quality services to athletes to promote and produce your event.

“ORGSU isn’t an average software, it’s The Art that enables one to produce top quality events,” I would actually say.

Athletes are in 99% of times paying high entry fees and getting a diverse range of services from various sites. Athletes do not have their event’s information, registrations, start lists, live results, tracking, final results on the event organiser’s site. It’s scattered around the internet.

So, we have transformed our 25 years of worldwide experience in the field of sports information systems and project management skills into The Art, which is ready to be used today. A small school or even a renowned agency for international events can now take the advantage of one system spanning the whole range of crucial services. There is no need for emloying a number of companies to do these specific jobs anymore.

The Concept is simple: ‘Teamwork and clear responsibility’. Our company ‘Organizer’s Support Ltd’ invests into and develops art behind the scenes. We will listen to you, integrate your needs and innovations while you are doing the best to promote your action(s), sell your goods, services and entry fees.

You can use ORGSU Art throughout the year, providing the best services for athletes and earning money for yourself. And even during the Race Day, you can use ORGSU to provide the timing. This is of course not obligatory, you can hire a preferred timing company, export entries to them, and after the event you can easily import results back into your database.

Thank you for all the questions we have received. We do our best to answer them all.
Finally I can write: Be happy, you are not alone, we are here for you.

The simple WHAT-TO-DO-NOW diagram closes this ‘Concept’ entrance:

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