Sports Magazine

Informing about sports? Are you willing to collaborate with Event organizers and Series owners on the database and business level? ORGSU event software is for you.

Sports Magazine and Digital Marketing Database Software ORGSU.ORGSU is a new business-to-business digital marketing database software. It enables cooperation of sports magazine and event/series companies.

The athlete login, athlete profile, race calendar, online registration, event e-shop are the main features for your sites.

Digital Marketing Database Software

ORGSU brings a lot of features with the underline philosophy: To keep athletes on your sports magazine website. Athletes will find there all the features and services what you will get rights from event organizers.

The race calendar with the live start lists and live results brings athletes to your site and keeps them here at all times. Athletes will find on your website all what they need. Check the athlete’s handbook describing all the features.

 Make New Business

  • Race Directors will happily share the business with you. Sports magazine advertises their events so Event Organizer is willing to make a business deal with you.
  • Both Event Organizer and Sports Magazine databases will participate to create the list of race entries. ORGSU builds the athletes database for every company in accordance with their website attendance.
  • Your athletes may trade to each other. And your revenue will grow to 200%.
  • ORGSU digital marketing database software brings you the feature to gather race entries and sell it via API to an external third subject. Ask us more about how to launch this feature.
  • All the payments will be gathered by your chosen gateway from PayPal, Amazon and/or Stripe. ORGSU even gives you the opportunity to collect payments on behalf of another race organizer if needed.

Your Athletes Database

The sports magazine site will attract more visitors with ORGSU. The Internet traffic and the business will rise up. And you will acquire all athletes to your own sports magazine database. Each athlete will be earning your loyalty points.

Register your sports magazine account here.

It will guide you through the personal account and then the company profile. Or just start with the race director registration to learn how ORGSU software works. The sports magazine profile can be added later. Do not hesitate to ask us for more details.