Corporate Event

Do you have your corporate event? Your Corporate Event is easy to manage and furthermore, it can dramatically increase your website traffic. Or, are you a sponsor of the sports event? Than ORGSU technology is just right for you. To manage the event and get more site visitors you just need to recommend using ORGSU technology to the event organizer

Manage your Corporate Event

All event information can be published on your website. Also, the race entry form and event-related e-shop will appear here. The payments will come to your PayPal or Stripe account. Your HR department will be happy that all the athlete database is yours. During the entering process, the user-defined application items can be specified. The list of athletes can be exported to your timing company ( for example TimeMyRace Ltd ) or manage the timing with your own staff using inbuilt cellphone timing technology.

Get New Site Visitors

ORGSU technology has been designed to serve all services needed to prepare and run sports events. Organizer’s support stands on the software that operates on an event and/or sponsors’ website(s). In contrast to all other technologies, ORGSU brings and keeps new website visitors on your websites.

The list of services that keep athletes and spectators on Event Sponsor websites:

Online Registration to the corporate event Races. For example, when an athlete wants to sign up to 10K running race, he/she must visit the sponsor’s site. A signup process takes about 5 minutes.

Race Starting List is the second important teaser of why athletes and their mates are coming back to the sponsor’s website. We know each athlete comes about 5 times to check the start list. Furthermore, he/she stays for 2 minutes. Their friends and relatives also come to your website.

Live Results and Live Tracking equally important are these two reasons. As a result of that, you will get more visitors. These are non-athletes who spend about 20 minutes on your website. Waiting for their lovers to be published. Each athlete will generate about 2 non-athlete visitors.

The official results publishing is another event teaser. All athletes and many of their relatives always come back to the page to check the results. It is about 5 minutes per person. it lasts up to 1 month after the event.

Increase Website Traffic

New marketing idea how to increase website traffic by the sports event. Use ORGSU technology.

So if you need to expose your website and/or brand and/or e-shop to your new site visitors you can calculate with these average figures based on these statistics:

An event of 500 athletes generates about 1000 new site visitors who will spend about 200 hours on your (event) website(s).

Ask us for more details of the calculation based on our many years of data. To upload ORGSU services to your website is extremely easy.

Corporate Event Production

For the venue selection and event production, you need professionals. In the UK, for example, Cannonball Events Ltd is one of them. Just ask for sports event companies in your desired location.

To get the functions above register with ORGSU and enjoy all the services of this new event technology.