Do you have a solid network and good working relationships with some sport event organizer? Become an ORGSU Business Agent and provide event organizer support. Be a part of the world’s most innovative B2B sports event management software community.Business Agent for Sport Event Organizer Support

Above all, help us to find new clients like race director,  event promoter, series owner.  Offer them ORGSU what is business-to-business event management system. It servers to all companies involved in sports events and series as a result of our 30 years of knowledne and history.

WHAT ORGSU Event Management Software does

ORGSU improves the services of all company websites involved in sports events or series. We have four feature profiles on the system currently: Event Organizer, Sports Series Owner, Timing Company and Sport Magazine.

The most valuable ORGSU benefits are: supporting event website,  making happy athlete, doubling event revenue, online registration, timing and tracking.

Potential clients are almost companies but also individuals. From the huge event organizer to even small school. Both are our clients due to flexible licence policy.

Business Agent and Our Offer

As ORGSU Business Agent you will promote ORGSU event management software to the potential clients. Likewise we provide the methodology and necessary assistance.

Once you have registered, our contract will agree the commission rate and the period of your future incomes. Thereafter, all income is automatically calculated as a % share of ORGSU income provided by your clients’ activities.

You may choose in your system profile to work publicly or rather privately. As an agent, you are free to work anywhere across the globe.

Do Event Organizer Support. Grab YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

After your registration you will find a job description inside the administration back end.  Your job is to identify potential new clients like event orgnizer. And send him/her information, make offers, communicate and explain product benefits. Do the event organizer support with the system and around. Create an event organizer profile inside ORGSU event management software on his/her behalf. Finally launch an event on their behalf.


The ORGSU event management system gives a function profile just for business agent.


IMPORTANT: Business Agent login is available only via home page Use different e-mail address for the Business Agent registration than to the regular company administration please.