App GPS Tracking

ORGSU GPS Tracking is super easy to use, no matter where. All that’s needed is a smartphone and cellular data coverage, resulting in a live tracking feed on your website. Or a sponsor’s website, it’s up to you! It is literally only two lines of code. The service is covered by the Timing license with no extra fees.

Athletes need to download our ORGSU Tracking App to their smartphone and carry it with them during the race. The access codes needed to use the app are accessible in the Admin back-end.

From here to a Live Tracking feed – step by step

  1. Register your company as Event Organiser.Screenshot of ORGSU Tracking App
  2. Setup your races in ORGSU – or send us the description and we will set it up for you
  3. Import all your current athletes into the Athlete database in Excel format (Name, YOB, Sex and optionally BIBs) – or send us the excel file and we will do it for you
  4. Specify Timing points for your race, there is a handy Google Map to help you do it. There is no limit as to how many timing points can be used. – if you wish, we can help you with any part of the setup
  5. Assign BIBs: either manually or use the automatic BIB assignment function
  6. Do your test timing ahead of your race to gain confidence. Once you have finished, simply delete all times in the Technical Times Table. You may test as many times you want.
  7. Inform your athletes that they need to download the ORGSU Tracking App – perfect job for the inbuilt email marketing function
  8. Post on your social media where the tracking applet is provided – that will bring visitors to your website who will watch the tracking and hopefully buy some goods or services in your e-shop! ORGSU provides an E-shop module as well so if you don’t already have one be sure to check it out.
  9. On the race day, ORGSU has you covered with our venue registration module. Thirty years of experience will make sure you have as stress-free race-morning as possible.
  10. Supply your athletes with the login credentials for the Tracking App: Race ID and Private Key (don’t confuse it with the Security Key, that is for Timing). You can find these in ‘Results – Timing and Tracking.’
  11. Install a data projector and stream the GPS Tracking live on the venue
  12. You can use the Replay function to rewind the race
  13. Pre-define the BIBs of the top athletes in the tracking setup so that when visitors open the tracking site, they see these by default
  14. Time your race with the ORGSU Timing App – read more here

Screenshot of The Tracking Module

Easy & Effective

This method of tracking your race is super easy and effective. For live tracking there needs to be data coverage but if there isn’t or it’s weak, don’t worry!  The app will store the position data until it comes online again and then uploads them to ORGSU.

The price of tracking is included in the timing license. No unnecessary fees.

Why use ORGSU to track your race?

This cellphone solution is literally hundreds of times less expensive than using for example GPS SPOT devices. ORGSU supports SPOT devices, but you need to purchase them separately. An average ultra-race lasting one day uses up very little mobile data. Athletes are usually willing to sacrifice a few kilobytes without any complaints.

Write to or text/call WhatsApp +420602204904 to get assistance.