novy clenDo you have a solid network and good working relationships with people and companies involved in sports events productions? Become an ORGSU agent and be part of the world’s most innovative B2B sports information system.

Help us to improve services to all athletes, supporters and spectators at sports events and series. Our business-to-business information system is designed to be used by all companies involved in events and series.


ORGSU improves the services of all company websites involved in sports events or series. We have four company profiles on the system currently:

  • Event organiser
  • Series organiser
  • Timing company
  • Digital marketing.

Potential and existing clients include companies or individuals with existing websites or works-in-progress; towns, states, regional municipalities, information centres, sports associations and others.

A special category is timing companies, which utilises ORGSU technology to provide results for an event organiser.


As an ORGSU agent, you will promote our product to potential clients. We provide the methodology and all other necessary material.

Once you have registered, our contract will agree length of service and a commission rate. Thereafter, all income is automatically calculated as a % share of ORGSU income provided by your clients’ activities.

You may choose to work publicly or privately via your system profile. As an agent, you are free to work anywhere across the globe and have the added safety net of a country manager to provide support and assistance.


On registration, your complete job description will be found under ‘Agent Methodology’.

In brief, your job is to identify potential new clients, send them information, make offers, communicate and explain product benefits.


The ORGSU system houses a special function profile just for agents.

Here, you may keep records of all client information and calculate your earnings.

Other resources and services include:

  • Agent methodology: your guide to communication and work
  • The ORGSU offer: a document that may be edited before sending to a potential client
  • Contract samples: what we typically use between ORGSU and client
    (for information purposes only)
  • Important information about event organisers (for information purposes only)
  • Information on establishing and managing a new business opportunity
  • Information on company creation and new company assistance
  • A list of agent’s clients
  • A review of agent’s commissions, based on his or her activities.


 Our agents sign a contract directly with ORGSU Ltd. Commissions are calculated automatically and all agent earnings are transferred directly into the agent’s bank account. The agent has no territory boundaries and may operate globally.