Do you like to plan ahead with an event organiser before race day? Timing can be provided by your own system, or through our built-in, custom-designed mobile device technology. Suitable for both established and start-up timing companies.

Whether you are a blue chip company timing multiple times a year or an individual helping a friend, ORGSU is the perfect product for your needs. You also have the option to measure results for clients via smart phone or tablet, in both Android and IOS.

ORGSU offers two options for working with a client/event organiser:


Assuming your company is a registered ORGSU user and purchased a usage licence, long-term cooperation with an event organiser, pre-event, is simple.

Access to event configuration and all timing-related services:

  • Assignment of start numbers into several start waves, if necessary, to specify timing points and legs, including lap times.
  • Excellent venue presentation support: table view or one-athlete page search with modification functionality
  • Activated smart phones/tablets can be used for wave starting and time-keeping at each timing point.

During a race, online results are displayed on all websites approved by an event organiser shortly before the event.

Online times may be modified as incoming times appear, providing real-time, streamlined results.

The system supports both official and unofficial results, which may be used for series evaluation purposes.


Here, users do not have an ORGSU licence, but employ their own, typically chip-based, time technology.

Download entries from the ORGSU database in an XML format before the event:

  • After timing, all data is downloaded onto the client database
  • Connecting your online timing into the ORGSU system is possible,
    but must be agreed beforehand and becomes an online scenario.


How do you provide timing with this system? The smart phone and mobile application usage provides a simple, effective and cheap way to time results.

Extremely effective for widespread sport events, this is an ideal solution when chip technology is either too expensive or unnecessary.

Our aim is to boost information services for both organiser and athlete. With ORGSU, everybody enjoys the event.

Registering with ORGSU also provides additional benefits: the chance to launch your event and series organiser profile and digital marketing profile.