vysledkovy servisTake your timing to the next level with our state-of-the-art mobile results timing application – keeping time has never been so easy.

Downloaded to smart phones and tablets, the application is used at race start times and time-keeping at every timing point.



The application sends pairs of start numbers and measured time from actual timing points.

To access this function, organisers or timing companies must have the ORGSU system installed on their websites.

ORGSU provides top-level support for all sports events or competitions where time is measured and evaluated into results.

Please note that our mobile technology is not suitable when a high density of athletes is expected at a single timing point, unless additional timing corridors are provided by the venue. Timing tenths or hundredths of a second is not advised with this application.


  • Mobile devices must be either Android or IOS
  • Before the race, all start waves and timing points must be recorded by ORGSU
  • One set of start numbers (BIBs) to be used per race day
  • Multiple devices – of any platform – may be used in one timing point to secure all athletes’ times
  • Start numbers typed into mobile application in real time
  • The start number must be entered and timing button pressed when the athlete passes
  • Devices continue to work when internet connectivity is temporarily lost; all data is later sent to your data for recording
  • The system publishes results on your website in one go, giving spectators and race commentators easy-to-view information on the event.

The Mobile Results Timing Application is very easy to use and was tested rigorously over two years by beginners. We will soon be publishing a detailed handbook here to help you get the most out of our application.

To download your free application, please use your mobile device to photograph the QR code.

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