Invite your partners

The ORGSU system is designed as a business-to-business (B2B) product – the ideal vehicle for company growth.

What are the advantages? Any number of users may be added to the existing system to conduct their own event productions. And possible collaboration brings additional services and standards to athletes, supporters and spectators.

The end result? Satisfied athletes who are willing to pay for the client’s service – and generate more revenue for the client.

Are you a company dealing with series production? Invite your event organiser to ORGSU. Here, you can negotiate and share business deals, split financial income from goods and service categories (entry fees, products, services, donations, etc) and offer real-time functions on your own website (race information, application and entry fee payment and online results).

Your unique B2B deal determines the type of income-sharing or fixed price model you choose.

This way, all business interests are motivated to invest in marketing and related preparations in order to attract more athletes and generate more income.

Are you a company dealing with any kind of sport information? If so, you will need the most up-to-date information about events: race calendars, online applications, start lists, online results and more. Invite event organiser to register with ORGSU for access to a tailor-made business share package that benefits you both.

Either invite a potential business partner yourself, or ask an ORGSU agent to assist by sharing information about the financial benefits of registering.

Asking a partner to register is easy. Direct your partner to to upload a suitable company profile (event organiser, series organiser, timing company or digital marketing/media company).

Keen to use the services of an ORGSU agent? Simply contact your preferred agent with the name and contact details of your potential business partner. The agent takes care of the rest.

Following registration, all relevant parties must be informed of the company’s inclusion in the system and the partnership activated via a partner invitation procedure called „Business Deal“.

Utilising ORGSU radically improves the amount and quality of information services provided to athletes, supporters and spectators.