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The ORGSU Building Kit offers components for upgrading of the event organiser’s website. An information system for all companies and organisations, ORGSU is a third generation system handling every aspect of event production from start to finish and beyond.


Using your existing website, ORGSU creates a portal for all important information about your sports event and connects you easily with series organisers, digital marketing companies or timing companies.

Sixteen kits of blocks of services, herein referred to as applets, are available to the event organiser.
The most important ones are:

Athlete Details: All athletes can easily log in (incl. Facebook and Google+) to the event organiser’s new database, which is a useful by-product of the upgrade. Athletes create and access their profiles, together with applications, results, orders and many other functions.

Race Calendar: One or more events may be easily added and displayed via the new race calendar on the event organiser’s website. By clicking ‘race’, the race page appears, containing all information required, including race entries, start lists and results.

E-shop: The event organiser may offer his/her services and goods directly to internet visitors. It is also possible to assign services and goods to one or more races, or to offer these publicly, without assignment.

All applets can be downloaded onto the event organiser website: provide registration of your company and use its administrative back-end. All functions are available without licence purchasing for up to 2 events and 5 races. Please check your handbook for more details



 Athletes have easy access to all the information that they need via your website:

  • Online entry applications
  • Entry fee payment
  • Start lists
  • Online results and final results.

Athletes will access information via the relevant event organiser already registered within the system.

All data belongs to you – ORGSU Ltd has no rights to access, use or disseminate your information.

ORGSU is the world’s first B2B system in the sports world offering this groundbreaking system – and without physical or language barriers.


Several key functions help take care of business:

  • Close a deal with event and/or series organisers and earn a percentage share of entry fee income, donations or for selling merchandise in exchange for your website’s marketing power
  • With ORGSU, readers benefit from all additional functions – no more redirections from your site
  • Built-in, easy-to-use e-shop function: sell event-related goods in addition to the usual entry fee.

Our goal is simple: boost your website, work in the background, keep your original site design and functionality and attract a growing number of athletes to your events.


If you do not want to run an online registration and payment gateway, we facilitate a partnership process via ‘medial marketing or series organiser’ partner functions.

Applications will be completed on another website, with all relevant event information published on your site, including lists and results.

Haven’t got a website yet? No problem. ORGSU makes one for you – and you’re free to improve or change it in future to cater for your unique business needs.

 We appreciate your interest in ORGSU and look forward to being of service to you, your athletes, contributors and spectators.