Chip and App Timing

The timing is our core business since 1990. ORGSU combines Manual Timing, App Timing and Chip Timing in one powerful engine. Event organizer and/or timing company can combine all the technologies even in one race.  You may check it out after your registration as an event organizer or race timer.

Chip App Manual Timing may be combined when using ORGSU technology

The timing feature allows live results broadcast via your or sponsor’s website. Your page must be upgraded with ORGSU applet certainly.

Venue Registration

The venue registration is the most important functions serving you during an event. There are two pages related to your staff. The page searching and assigning athletes to the races and the registration table with the full spreadsheet view to the entries:

Venue registration table supports the event organizer's staff during the event.

There are several possibilities for how to gather the timing data. Read more on the timing company profile page. The App Timing and Chip Timing are the most common technologies. You can test the App Timing here. The manual timing is also available. Get the details in the timing handbook, please.

Printing of Results

Finally, you can make a template and print out the final results including the header and footer with your sponsors’

App timing has been used for this ultra trail run. All logos may be added to your official results now.

So register your race director/event organizer account and check this feature yourself inside an administration.