Online Registrations

You do not need to hire a third party for this crucial service anymore. You can keep your athletes on your website  or on your sponsors’ website(s). A screenshot of the interface for  athletes (or teams) online registration entry fee set up follows. It is ready for you after your registration as an event organizer.

Online registration is a natural part of the ORGSU technology features

There are several reasons why to run your online registrations on your website:

  • Online Registration keeps athletes on event/series/sponsor site(s) what is crucial for internet traffic.
  • An athlete may find his/her registrations inside his profile on his/her account, available on the event’s page.
  • Bulk registrations and entry fee periods. Currencies accordingly the country of the event. Waiting lists and associated race e-shop.
  • 4 direct ways how to get an athlete into a sold out race.
  • 5 different options how to set up and apply discount codes.
  • Even entry cancellation is here, cancellation fees differ with the entry fee periods.
  • Individual Entry fee increase for a charity/donation purposes.
  • Several payment methods. Each leads and collects money directly to the event organizer’s, series owner’s, .. PayPal or another bank account.
  • On-line start list(s) published on event/series/sponsor site(s).
  • Online smartphone check in at the venue reduces queues.

Operation Fees

A Total Operation / Processing Fee will stay probably under 7% depending on your payment gateway transaction fee. It consists of ORGSU Fee and Your Payment gateway fee (like PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, …). The ORGSU operation fees are around 4%. You may apply for a discount license. Furthermore, you can publish the processing fee on your online registrations or you may disable its visibility and include it directly in the entry fee amount. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more details.

So register your race director & event organizer account and check out this feature yourself.