Sport Racing Event Information System

ORGSU. A technology that supports mainly the sport racing event producers, their websites, sponsors and their athletes. It gives a special administration back end also for the owners of racing series, sport news and registration sites and for the timing companies as well. ORGSU is the first Sport Business 2 Business technology on the sport market.

The sport racing event business

Launch online services for your athletes (and teams) today. Your athletes will have access to a range of services such as their accounts, online entries, your own e-shop with your goods and services, lists of race participants and more all seamlessly integrated into your website.

No third-party websites anymore

No more external links to registrations, live results or tracking. With ORGSU, You can keep your athletes on your website at all times and transform this time into revenue. Register with us today and don’t hesitate to reach out for help with launching your first sport racing event.

Timing and tracking

ORGSU integrates timing, live results and live GPS tracking into one powerful system. It only takes TWO lines of code to upgrade your website and transform your business. In addition, you can print professional looking registration forms, start lists and results including valuable sponsors’ logos.



Athletes appreciate services integration into the event organizer’s website


Examples of how it works

Here is an example of a boosted website (athlete login/profile, race calendar, online entries) with 20K, 30K, 60K tracks, which has a 3-year history. Athletes are getting many features via event site very easily.
Check out  a demonstration guide that takes you through timing an imaginary race with just your smartphone. Kids Race
Do you want to try the actual management features? Log in to with the name and the password Test123. It allows you to view and test an administrative backend without restrictions.

The PRICING - USD - 1 Year licence

Small event licence

70* + 6%

This is a profitable option for few small events a year.

School licence

190* + 2%

Published for educational institutions and their sport clubs. A massive business utilization of the system is not expected with this licence.

Standard licence

390* + 4%

For regular event organizers producing several sport racing events per year. Utilizing online entry and e-shop features for athletes.

Without a licence, the administrative back end works under some limitations. The licence politics are posted at the bottom of this page. * prices and % vary by currency and country.

Ask for a specific licence

For a charity or a huge race series, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

ORGSU will double your revenue

Why? Because of the e-shop feature and athletes actually staying on your website. We do know, athletes and their mates will spend about half as much time than before on your site, checking out the on-line start lists and results. Athlete time retainment is the main business idea behind the ORGSU technology.

Interested? Register as administrator now.

  • Register as an event organizer, first as a physical person and then create your company profile here.
  • Once registered, you will see the whole administrative back end of the ORGSU technology.
  • Create your first test event and try out the features for free. Please refer to the event organizer handbook for guidance.
  • If you enjoy the system, you may purchase one of the licences in the e-shop inside the admin backend. If you do so, the fully armed up system will be waiting for you and you can launch a full-scale event with real races.
  • If you need any assistance along the way, email us on and we will gladly help you with whatever it may be. We offer free assistance with your first event.
  • Find yourself a webmaster who will upload the required features onto your website, or who creates a whole new website for you. ORGSU will provide you with a simple event website for free.
  • Publish your race and open your own online entries and bulk entries, start offering goods in your e-shop, make your timing and enjoy this new generation technology.

It could be an easy work over a small school sport racing event. Or it could be a challenging work over a large-scale, multi-day international event. It’s only about your ambition!


Sport racing event and its races

The system is capable of launching a race lasting one or more days. Each race day can consist of one or more races in different sports whilst each having one or multiple disciplines. It is possible to specify (and alter at any time before the event) the venue and its GPS coordinates, entry fee periods, upload race maps, event logos and sponsor logos.

Race course and timing points specification

The system facilitates various techniques to import routes. A race route can be inputted manually using Google Maps, it can be copied from another race or it can be imported as a .GPX file. Timing points depict the locations where timing technology will be stationed and their locations (GPS coordinates) and titles can also be specified. Don’t hesitate to drop a question about the integrated timing options at

Can I boost my website with online entries?

Definitely. An athlete interested in your race will create an account directly on your site, enter the race on your site and pay on your site via for example PayPal or by card. There are many features related to online entry: early bird period, discount vouchers, race related e-shop, bulk entries, late entry for VIP athletes, possibility for athletes to increase the entry fee for charity and even entries cancellation. All on your site now.

Timing and publishing results

The system offers features such as self-check-in using cellphones, BIBs generation and venue registration. Timing, online live results, printing (start lists and results) and much more are all native parts of the system.

Live athlete tracking

If you are organizing a long race with individuals and/or teams taking part, ORGSU offers a simple and inexpensive solution for live GPS tracking using smartphones. Live tracking will be published on your site as a Google map with athlete dots chasing each other. Don’t hesitate to ask us more!

Professional printouts

Spectators and sponsor representatives expect quality printouts. Please both parties by printing both start lists and results in a professional looking way with sponsor’s logos included. ORGSU gives you a tool to customize all your printouts easily with just a few clicks.

Athletes database

If an event producer has used ORGSU at least once, he is left with a database packed with athletes. This database grows with every new athlete registered. It comprises of all the information about athletes’ registrations, results, orders and other activities. The event organizer is the owner of the database, not ORGSU, so he/she has full access to all the information in the database. The system approaches this matter with full responsibility.

Athlete profile and activity

Event organizer’s website becomes an immensely powerful tool thanks to ORGSU. All athletes’ profiles are accessible there. Athletes can find not only all their details but also all their results, online entries and bulk entries. Also, the list of all orders and an activity log is accessible inside the profile. The athlete handbook is available inside the profile as well. Ask us for a copy today, so you know what’s on offer!

E-mail marketing and E-shop

Ain’t no need to let your database sleep! A new block of the system, email-marketing, lets you select multiple filters. Define the desired set of users and set up an automatic email communication. The content can be entirely yours or you can utilize one of our system templates. You could for example invite athletes to register online to your next big race!

Athlete to athlete business

Athletes know and trust each other. It is known that they welcome the possibility to trade with one another. The newest system version opens a door to every user to offer goods/services in the event organizer’s e-shop. Offer your child’s old bike, or a service such as accommodation in relation to a given sport racing event.

Coach – Athlete Relationship

A module which will provide a simple and orderly way to record short-term and long-term sporting goals. It will also present a training diary. Currently in development.

Company cooperation

The whole system is designed in such a way to support the cooperation of two or more companies (ex. two websites could sell online entries to the same event). It facilitates and records the split of financial funds in an agreed ratio between the companies. This ‘Business to Business’ B2B approach is handy for example when the organizer lacks and doesn’t want his own website. He/she might then want someone else to sell the online entry for him.  It could be an online media company or a registration portal, ORGSU provides a service for all of them.