ORGSU technology supports races of running, triathlon, team adventure races – almost all kinds of events. It integrates the modules of online registrations, timing, tracking, e-mail marketing and e-shop in contrast to all other systems. Most noteworthy it supercharges the websites of event(s) and event sponsor(s).


ORGSU even enables the event promoter to manage the processing fee rate. Finally all the payment comes directly to the promoter’s PayPal account. The Strip and Amazon payment gateways are coming soon.

Get your internet traffic

So launch the services for your athletes (and teams) today on your website. Your athletes will get access to a range of services as their profiles and online registrations are.  Furthermore your own e-shop and e-mail marketing tool will bring you a new revenue. All seamlessly integrated into your website(s). Your internet traffic will certainly grow exponentially.

Online registrations on your site

All the usual online registration features come to your website easily. So set an early bird entry period, some discount codes and even use an entry fee cancellation feature. Upgrade your website similarly to the world registration portals.

Timer App Timing, Chip Timing and Live GPS Tracking

ORGSU integrates the timing: Manual Timing, Timer App Timing and also the Chip Timing obviously. It is a race timing system even publishing the live results and live GPS tracking on promoter’s, event’s or sponsor’s site(s). It certainly sounds like from another planet. Just prove it for yourself now.

Designed By Athletes for Athletes

ORGSU was designed by athletes.  Hence this new Event Management Software understands the needs of athletes absolutely. Check out the happy athlete page and learn more please.

Completely new site is coming by the end of 2018.


Athletes appreciate integration of online registration and timing on event promoter website


Examples of how Event Software works

You probably want to test administration features of this Event Software.   So use an administrator login page  with the username ‘’ and the password ‘Test123’. It allows you to test all the administrative back end for free.

Or ask us for an example of the boosted website in your country please.

The PRICING - USD - 1 Year Licence

Small Event Licence

70* + 6%

This is a profitable option for few small events a year.

School Licence

190* + 2%

Published for educational institutions and their sport clubs. A massive business utilization of the system is not expected with this licence.

Standard Licence

390* + 4%

For regular event organizers producing several sport racing events per year. Utilizing online entry and e-shop features for athletes.

Even without a licence an administrative back end works great. The licence policy is posted at the bottom of this page. * The Prices and system processing fee (%) vary by country and currency obviously.

Ask for a specific licence

Do you promote a charity or a huge event? Get in touch with us today to negotiate your specific licence.

ORGSU reduces Operation Fees

In contrast to other services the ORGSU event software offers an opportunity to manage all processing fees. It consists of typically 4% ORGSU technology and 3.5% PayPal or different payment tool. So the maximum operational fee will be 7.5%. It can be hidden inside an entry fee or it can be published as processing fee above an entry fee. The ratio of the hidden and published portion is therefore manageable by the event promoter.

ORGSU doubles your revenue

New revenue as a function of the size of Event Promoter’s Database

First of all the integrated e-shop function brings a new turnover. At second your athletes can even trade with each other now.  The graph shows how it maybe depending on the size of your database.

Finally athletes and their friends will stay on your website. Athletes and their buddies spend twice as much time on your site as before. They will do so due to online registrations and checking the start lists, results and tracking. So you can transform this new internet traffic with your new e-shop into the revenue or you can even sell this internet traffic to your sponsor. Hence ask us for details please.

Interested? Register as a race director now.

  • Once you are registered, you will find the whole administrative back end of the ORGSU event software technology.
  • So create your first test event in ORGSU Event Software and try out the features for free. Please refer to the event promoter handbook for guidance. You will find almost all features for your sports corporate events or public event.
  • Email us on and we will gladly help you even online. Certainly we give you free assistance with your new event management software.
  • Find rather a webmaster who will upload the features onto your website(s). Consequently ORGSU will provide you with a simple event website. It contains an event calendar and also online registrations features.
  • Also publish your race and open online registrations and bulk entries. Similarly enter goods into your e-shop and allow to athletes trade each other.
  • Finally provide a timer app timing (or chip timing) and enjoy this new generation event software technology.