Event Management Information System

ORGanizer’s SUpport is information system, which provides services to sporting event producers , athletes and teams. Services include: database of events, online athlete registrations, start lists, timing via several different technologies including live results on the event organizer’s site, live GPS tracking, printing of professional-looking registration forms, start lists and results all including sponsors’ logos. Races can last up to 10 days, contain multiple disciplines and split times. For an event organizer, the system brings athletes database, teams database and eventually vehicles database, automatic email marketing services for invitations or updates about new e-shop items. Athletes receive a service-packed athlete profile where they can find an overview of their sporting history (registrations and results), and where they can publish their own goods for sale in the organizer’s e-shop. Aside from that the system displays their history of orders and evaluates their overall activity, which in turn gives the organizer an idea about his/her athletes. Currently, the system is being scaled up to include full-fledged services in the area of defining (sporting) goals and making it possible to pursue these goals using a training diary. This training diary is currently in development. Details of each block of services can be found below.


Athletes appreciate services integration into the event organizer’s website


Examples of how it works

  • Here is an example of an upgraded website (athlete login, race calendar, e-shop) of a 20K, 30K, 60K trail run which has a 3-year-old tradition and uses only 3 services: athlete login, race calendar, e-shop.
  • A demonstrative wizard which will take you through the timing by smartphones of Kids Race
  • Print screens of the administrative back end of the system: Examples
  • Do you want to try real administration services on line? Log on here and use the user name with the password Test123. The company Hope Production EN will allow you work inside without any restrictions. However we are deleting the data from here often.

If you have your own website, then the system will generate html codes which your webmaster may insert into your website(s). We can always help you with a seamless integration into the website, including graphics. If you do not have a website yet, the system will provide you with a simple limited website.  A limited site created by the system of the example company “Hope Production EN” can be found here. ORGSU will also allow basic settings for this limited site.


License for small event organizers

USD 30* + 6%

This is a profitable option for one small race a year, fun sporting event or one or two events a year.

School license

USD 60* + 2%

Published for educational institutions and for their sport clubs. A massive business utilization of the system is not expected with this license.

License for larger event organizers

USD 90* + 4%

For regular event organizers organizing many sporting events per year and who will utilize the online registration and e-shop services. Simply put: for anyone who wants to use the system as a whole.

By purchasing the license, the system will work for 1 year. Apart from that, a % rate (based on the type of the system license) will be applied. The operating fees are determined by the scope of the usage of the system and are calculated as a % of the price of entry fees and sold goods in the e-shop; provided they are all administered by the system. This amount is calculated and invoiced quarterly. License policy further states that the business parameters are public and should be communicated to athletes as extra information to entry fees and prices in the e-shop. Prices vary depending on currency and country.

Interested? What you can do now, easily.

  • Register as an event organizer, first as a physical person and then create your company profile here. Once registered, you will see the whole administrative backend of the system.
  • Create your first test race and try out the system for free. Please refer to the event organizer handbook for guidance.
  • If you enjoy the system, you may purchase one of the licenses in the e-shop. If you do so, the fully armed up system will be waiting for you and you can launch a full-scale event with real races.
  • If you need any assistance along the way, email us on and we will gladly help you with whatever it may be.
  • It is always pleasant to have someone do the tech-savvy stuff for you, in this case your webmaster. Find yourself a webmaster (if you don’t have one of course!) who will upload the required services onto your website, or who creates a whole new website for you. Easy website such as the one in the example is available for under 50$.
  • Publish your race and open your own online registration, start offering goods in your e-shop, measure results, be world-class!

It could be an easy work over a small school event or it could be a challenging work over a large-scale, multi-day international event. It’s only about your ambition!

Register of events and races

The system is capable of launching an event lasting one or more days. Each race day can consist of one or more races in different sports each having one or multiple disciplines. It is possible to specify (and can be altered at any time) the venue and its GPS coordinates incl. upload of the race tracks, event logos, sponsor logos, entry fee periods and more crucial information, which will be needed for the publication. Find more information of event launching on please.

Race course and timing points specification

The system facilitates manual input of the race course using Google Maps; the course can be copied from another race; the course can be imported as a file.GPX. Locations (GPS coordinates) and titles of the timing points can be specified. Timing points depict the locations where the timing technology will be stationed. Thanks to a uniquely developed technology of Remote Athlete Tracking, a timing point can be given GPS coordinates which correspond to a place where no timing technology will (can) be installed (mountains, sea). The system will then automatically calculate the split times which will be subsequently displayed in real time Live Results on the event organizer’s website.

Online registration & start lists

Every athlete who wants to register (himself, his friends, team) to the race must have a user account in the event organizer’s database (ORGSU Ltd. has no access to the database). Login can be provided manually or via Facebook/Gmail. One can register himself and multiple other people at once. Athlete has the option to purchase goods in the e-shop and finally pay with credit card, PayPal or EFT. The range of payment options is determined by the event organizer in E-shop Configuration and financial funds travel directly to the event organizer’s bank account. An automatic notification about the registration is then sent to the athlete and to the event organizer alike (can be turned off). Check an examples on

Timing and results publishing

The system offers the service of generating BIBs, venue registration, measuring results, online live results, input of faulty athlete states and printing (start lists, results). Registration forms (which are needed at venue registration), start lists and results are printed according to predefined templates which include sponsors’ logos, so that the character of your race stays intact. Live results can be published on one or more websites (event organizer’s, sponsor’s websites), depending on where internet visitors are desired. Results are available in two modes: clear times of disciplines (suitable for triathlon, duathlon, etc.) or cumulative times after each leg (long distance endurance run) from the start of the race. You can measure your results yourself using the ORGSU mobile technology or/and employ a timing company, usually with some chip technology. This company has to be ORGSU certified, meaning they can connect to the ORGSU API and send real time data to the system.

Live athlete tracking

If you are organizing a race where individuals or teams compete against each other (you can combine individuals and teams in one race) and you want to follow their positions in real time, ORGSU offers a simple and inexpensive solution. Athletes have to carry their mobile phones with the ORGSU Tracking App with them (mobile data coverage is required on at least few places along the route) or they can wear a relatively expensive  technology SPOT which uses satellites to receive and send data. Both technologies can be combined in one race. ORGSU tracking technology has been used for several long races. Check example of the tracking by the Replay feature here.

Professional printouts

If it’s written, then it’s given. The Internet is a wonderful thing, but at the race venue, there are standing spectators, who expect quality printouts of both start lists and results. At every race, no matter the level, the event organizer should issue, print out and display unofficial results open to protests, should correct any mistakes, should assign statuses (DNF, DNS, DSQ, etc.). After that, the official results should be presented, with the event’s, race’s and sponsors’ logos clearly visible. It is a certain ritual, finding yourself in the paper results, taking pictures and sending them out into the world. That’s the added value of being there, being in the middle of the action. The event organizer (or his timing company) can prepare the printouts’ templates ahead in time, and after the race simply press a button without any setting up of columns, uploading logos etc. All should be perfectly prepared for the race day so that no one is restrained. Just print.

Athletes database

Every race brings great memories to both the athletes and the event organizer. What is left for the event organizer besides a feeling of a job well done? If the organizer uses ORGSU, then he is left with an updated database of athletes, which comprises of all the information about athletes’ registrations, results, orders, activities, vehicles (ex. boats for team events) and many other useful insights. The organizer has full access to the database, he is the owner of the database and the system approaches it with full responsibility as is dictated by the new regulations issued by EU. Organizers may commercially interact with their athletes-clients; this matter is detailed in the next chapter on this page. ORGSU brings a philosophically unique approach to information support of event organizers. It is not a usual registration-and-results service, anyone can do that today. ORGSU offers database-integrated environment where the database is the event organizer’s property and where this database ensures constant and growing internet traffic on his website. This internet traffic brings the event organizer revenue form not only entry fees but also from other services and products. Indeed, the event organizer can sacrifice his internet traffic for his sponsor’s and place his services (online registration, results, etc.) on the sponsor’s website. ORGSU offers unlimited possibilities on how to manage this business potential.

Athlete profile and activity

Event organizer’s website becomes an immensely powerful tool thanks to ORGSU. Athletes’ profiles are stored there; athletes can find not only all their details but all their results and race entries, as well as a list of all their orders and a log of their activity in their profile. If an athlete is a member of a team, he can edit the team in his profile. Now, athletes have the opportunity to trade between each other in the event organizer’s e-shop. For example, an athlete can offer accommodation for international/far away athletes. Or maybe an athlete wants to sell his child’s racing bike. The system provides a simple tool to simplify the business deal negotiation between the athlete and the event organizer. The goods will then be published in the event organizer’s e-shop.

E-mail marketing and E-shop

Ain’t no need to let your database sleep! A new block, email-marketing, let’s you select multiple filters, find the desired set of users and set up an automatic email communication. The content can be yours or you can utilize one of our system templates, for example race invitation. This template of yours will then be used for your communication which can be carried out at a time and frequency of your liking. There are many detailed settings available for you which transform this into a powerful tool perfect for new event advertising and notifications about new e-shop items.

Athlete to athlete business

Athletes know and trust each other; it is known that they welcome the possibility to trade with one another. The newest system version opens a door to every user to offer and sell his/her services in the event organizer’s e-shop. It could be a no longer needed thing, ex. child’s old bike, or a service like accommodation for a given event and sports hall or pool to hire. The system provides the tool to agree on the terms of sale, ex. for what percentage of the price is the event organizer willing to accommodate such item in his e-shop. Apart from the goods and services offered, users can see the ‘seller’s profile’ for their information about who are they potentially buying from. This ‘micro-business’ can work well even for relatively small databases counting few hundred people.

Coach – Athlete Relationship

A module which will provide a simple and orderly way to record short-term and long-term sporting goals as well as training diary, is currently in development. An athlete can design his training program only for himself or he can offer it in the e-shop as ‘coaching services’ to other athletes. Athletes will be able to make use of the stored sessions, report their fulfilment in the training diary and they will also have the possibility of automatic or manual tracking of the specified goals – it will be possible to state which position in age group or overall they want to achieve, what overall time or time from the winner an athlete wants to finish in. Subsequently the system displays the fulfilment of such a goal in a table and a further publication to social media will be available. This block should be up and running by summer 2018.

Company cooperation

The whole system is designed in such a way to support the cooperation of two or more companies, ex. organizing an event, and to facilitate and record the split of financial funds in a given ratio, as per the deal closed between the companies. This ‘Business to Business’ B2B approach is handy for example when the organizer lacks and doesn’t want his own website, but he wants someone else to sell the registrations for him, ex. online media company or a registration portal. ORGSU provides a service which will ensure that the registration company has all it requires for the registration, including withdrawal of race fees to the registration portal’s bank account. In this mode, both the organizer and the registration portal will create an account in the ORGSU environment. Then, they will close a business deal, which will specify the range of services available to the registration portal and the % split of income that will apply to these two partners. The details of the B2B function are available in all handbooks published on the administrative side.