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"An event organiser is a jewel in the crown of sport,“ says ORGSU concept author Jaromir Horak. "We provide vital support for an event organiser’s activities by boosting his or her website“.

Do you organise endurance events, where athlete times are measured?

The ORGSU Building Kit offers components for upgrading of the event organiser’s website and websites of his/her business partners. ORGSU is a third generation system handling every aspect of event production from start to finish and beyond. More…


Event information at your fingertips: event calendars, online entries, payment gateways, online results, an e-shop and many more functions. Boost your business with our new digital marketing tools.

Is online sports media marketing your core business? Do you provide communication services to companies dealing with race and series organising? ORGSU is a new information business-to-business system providing support for all aspects of race and series production, from event preparation to the post-event phase. Big, small, amateur or professional – ORGSU covers them all. more…


Your own athlete database, online entries with payment and race results, actual series rankings for both age groups and overall. A major drawcard for your website.

Are you a sports series organiser? Get world class professional support to create a winning event. The ORGSU information system has been in usage for nearly 25 years – and our brand new, next-generation product is now available. more…


Do you like to plan ahead with an event organiser before race day? Timing can be provided by your own system, or through our built-in, custom-designed mobile device technology. Suitable for both established and start-up timing companies.

Whether you are a blue chip company timing multiple times a year or an individual helping a friend, ORGSU is the perfect product for your needs. You also have the option to measure results for clients via smart phone or tablet, in both Android and IOSmore…


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Do you have a solid network and good working relationships with people and companies involved in sports events productions? Become an ORGSU agent and be part of the world’s most innovative B2B sports information system.

Help us to improve services to all athletes, supporters and spectators at sports events and series. Our business-to-business information system is designed to be used by all companies involved in events and series. more…


Every new country is a challenge for business: different customs, cultures, languages and rules. But our common thread is sport – and we need country managers to help integrate event organizers into a country’s unique sporting environment. Please apply here to become an ORGSU country manager.

Looking for a challenge, career change or more experience in your field? All recent or current athletes, managers, coaches, or established volunteers in the field of endurance sport are welcome to apply! more…